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Too Much?

I am overwhelmed by information. The amount of information that is available to read and apply in classrooms and schools today is ubiquitous. The meaning in the dictionary is “present, appearing, or found everywhere”. Ubiquitous information on ubiquitous devices. What to believe? Overwhelmed? Me too? TV, computers, phones, tablets, garman, fitbits, watches - everywhere. Oh yeah, and Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and many others I don't even know. What is not ubiquitous is the notion that computers and other 'tech' are not the answer to learning. They are a part of the picture, for sure, but we need to be careful. In two recent articles, How to Prepare Preschoolers for an Automated Economy and Getting to Know Students Deeply, the authors highlight the value and importance of relationships. There are a host of small steps in these articles you might find that could be just the start you need to move technology from the 'why' to the 'what', or even &#…

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